This file contains the main screensaver system
+ 7 effects. You'll need these files before installing more plugins.

How to install ???
Unzip and run SETUP.EXE
Then follow the instructions on screen.
Download 4,4 MB
The Color Arts is not just one screensaver like a screensaver now a days usually is. No, it is 7 screensavers in one, therefore the big file size. Not only you have 7 already in there but you can also download new plugins for the screensaver.

Screenshots :

Right are more plugins for your viewing pleasure.
Download the ZIP files and unpack them into
your windows directory
(e.g. C:\WINDOWS\ or C:\WINNT\ )

At questions e-mail to :


Lights - 0,7 MB - screen

Outer Space - 1,0 MB - screen

Caverun - 0,5 MB - screen

New (15.06) :

Wormpic - 2 MB - screen

Funky Colors - 0,5 MB -screen

Mop Spike - 0,3 MB - screen

Watermoney - 1,3 MB - screen

Some codes used are (c) by Darkforge
LIGHTS.ZIP (c) by Color Arts 2001
CAVERUN.ZIP (c) by DB Software Inc. & Color Arts 2001
WORMPIC.ZIP ... (c) by Andreas Mattson & Color Arts 2001
FUNKY_COLORS (c) by Bender_888 2001
MOPSPIKE.ZIP (c) by MOP & Color Arts 2001
WATERMONEY.ZIP (c) by Color Arts 2001

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